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Upcoming Yoga Retreat

Yoga Retreat: 4th & 5th June 2016
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Rs 4200/- Per Person
Rs 7000/- Couple

(Fee is inclusive of Satvik food, Accommodation, All Yoga Sessions)

One of beautiful Ashram
30 Kms away from the city and nestling amongst the hills and trees

All of us are eagerly looking forward to the end the summer. Come June and you see a significant drop in temperatures and the weather suddenly turns pleasant until the monsoon descends on us.

We have thus carefully chosen the weekend of June 4th and 5th as the dates of  our next  Yoga Retreat.
The Yoga Retreat provides an ideal recluse for those seeking serenity, spiritual renewal and a rejuvenating experience.We have thoughtfully designed a two day program that will aim to strike a perfect balance in your life because ‘समत्वं योग उच्यते’ uanimity is Yoga.

Our practical yoga sessions shall rejuvenate your body and spirit and the practices of Pranayama shall fill you with new energy. In addition meditation classes are also arranged as a part of yoga training to provide the holistic effect to yoga learners. Meditation will help balance one’s racing mind and nature yoga will help restore your natural state of body and mind.

We take care of your entire support system right from lodging and boarding to arranging special activities  that we have lined up for you. These activities are well spread out over the period of your stay so that remain fresh at all times.

So come to relax and recover from the negative effects of your otherwise busy and stressful life through a combination of yoga , holistic therapies, nutritious meals and relaxation.

We are sure the experience will be thoroughly enjoyable and your Sadhana a positive memory to remember . Our objective is not to take you away from you but to help you make yourself complete and balanced and  to find ‘ Santulan‘ in life.

Divyayog looks forward to welcoming you to the Retreat.

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